Wave One Gold For Root Canal Treatment

Wave One Gold

The original WaveOne concept, in most instances, provided a single-file shaping technique, regardless of the length, diameter, or curvature of any given canal. Back when it came to market in 2011, it was shown that a single-file reciprocating shaping technique utilizing unequal CW/CCW angles was over 4 times safer and almost 3 times faster than using multiple rotary files to achieve the same final shape. Now, a new generation has emerged that provides excellent safety, effortless efficiency, and super simplicity, beyond the orginal WaveOne system. This vastly improved system has been branded WAVEONE GOLD.

The WAVEONE GOLD system is a single-file and single-use technique. Through the convergence of an advanced design, Gold-wire technology, and a unique reciprocating movement, preparing canals is now safer, easier and faster.

Wave Gold technique