3D Scan


3D Scanner 8100

In an ongoing effort to provide you with the best care possible of the highest standard we utilize the KODAK 8100 3D EXTRA ORAL IMAGING SYSTEM. This system consists of three dimensional technology that allows our team to better visualize the patient's dentition and anatomical bone structure that eliminates the need to outsource patients for radiological scans. The KODAK 9000 uses the technology of high resolution cone beam computed tomography. It provides extremely accurate images of oral lesions, canal morphology, and fractures. This technology also provides an unprecedented assessment of bone morphology to treatment plan and design surgical implant cases as well as predictable sites for bone augmentation (bone grafting) surgical procedures.

Scanned Images
One of the greatest attributes of this technology is the amount of radiation exposure is significantly reduced, delivering 10-30 times less exposure than other dental radiography systems.

This system is user friendly, offering comfortable patient positioning and wheelchair accessibility. Overall this system enables us to perform a wider range of diagnoses and treatments in the office, which in turns reduces the number of visits, only saving you time and money.

3D Scanner